The Midnight Medium



Home or Business Clearing
Often locations hold negative spirit energy;  either those who have passed but refuse to leave or  remnants of a past traumatic event. Lois successfully clears the space so you can feel happy and safe .

Removal of Personal Entities
Attachments of negative energy can cause illness, behavior issues, depression or exhaustion. Using her talents Lois removes entities and sends them on their way into the light.

Individual Readings
Spirit messages, Tarot Card Insights and Intuition are shared during these informative often life changing sessions.

Energy Therapies
Utilizing a variety of powerful healing modalities, Lois alleviates pain and begins the healing process.

Native American Shamanism
As a Native American Shaman, Lois offers additional blessing ceremonies, deeper insights and draws upon the rich traditions to enhance all of her services.

Personal/Group In Person Sessions:

      Mileage is pro-rated by the number of miles traveled for these sessions.  Please inquire as to fees for this type of session as well as for availability.

You may contact me  HERE
  using the form provided to schedule a session and any questions you may have.

or call 262-751-1170 for your appointment

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