I met Lois several years ago when this little black cat was having some behavior issues.  A psychic fair happened to be nearby that Sunday and Lois was the animal communicator.  I brought a picture along, and from that, Lois was able to connect and communicate with our little cat and find out what was upsetting her–and energetically take it away in this case.  I remember Lois told us that our cat would be different when we got home.  And she was!  Much more calm, less skittish; and the behavior issue was gone.  Today, Mo is sweetheart, plops down and stretches out for her morning petting session, purrs, plays, and curls up on a lap or close by. 
Anne Wondra + Mozambique (Mo)

Hi Lois,

Thanks again for all your assistance with Joey our dog. I was astounded at the precision of your abilities such as picking up on his persona as well as his problems with his stomach. Your information on the content of dog foods and what could be causing problems for Joey was very instructive.
Sincerely, Frank Mulley A. Ht.
- From Frank Mulley + Joey

I found Lois's business card on a local feed store bulletin board.  I'm so glad I picked it up and called her!! I had no idea that she would be instrumental in solving some lingering inappropriate handling/abuse and physical issues that came with a new horse.  Within a few minutes, Lois helped him to understand that he has a trustworthy family who has his best interest at heart now. He is completely at ease with issues that really upset him before.  No more surprise, seemingly irrational spooks & spins, no more need for frequent chiropractic adjustments for vague lameness issues!  

Lois has excellent insight into the thoughts and feelings of animals as well as owners.  She's helped me deepen my relationship and understanding with my horses and dog.  She's so easy to talk to, very kind, compassionate, understanding and very good at communicating with animals and people.  Thanks to Lois, I now realize our pets have so much to say and they understand us much better than we think! She has definitely opened my eyes to a more effective way of communicating, influenced and improved the way I interact with my animals."

Julie Roepke  Waukesha, Wisconsin

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